Escalator Oil Spray

Application Study of near dry machine DropsA system at:

Thyssen Krupp – Spain

Motor system for chains escalators (underground network – place of trial:Madrid and Barcelona)

Analysis of the lubrication system:
The existing system used brushes for lubrication that resulting technical problems as: massive industrial waste that get dirty the chain, low penetration of the lubricant, ineffective lubrication, intensive maintenance.

Important Points of this System

– Elimination of monthly monitoring by the operator ‘s
– Elimination of the problems caused by the chain jumping on the teeth of the gear
– Reservoir Load Range 4 months
– Preliminary study demonstrates an increase of chain life of 25%
– The quantity of lubricant used is reduced by 80%
– Number of cycles per day: 19.5
– Oil worn out per cycle: 1.28 cc
– Oil worn out per day: 24.96 cc
– Oil worn out per month: 0,77 L compared to 5 liters consumed with the old system

This case application was implemented using:

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