Chocolate Finers

Cadburys, (now known as Mondelez) contacted DropsA for a solution to their finer machines. Chocalate finers are used to reduce the size of chocalate pieces into fine particles between 10 to 60 micron. Typically finers have between 4 to 6 rolls which help refine the chocalate.

Each roll has a bearing either side requiring grease at regular intervals. ​

Important Points of this System

Mondelez were experiencing premature bearing failure on all 18 of their finers. After investigating the bearings, the manufacturer of the machine insisted that the bearings were failing due to lack of grease. The cost of 1 roller bearing was equal to the cost of the complete DropsA system.

The grease used was a good quality food safe Klueber as recommended by the machine manufacturer. ​

Dropsa Chocolate Finers


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