Reggiane Cranes, now part of Terex group, was looking for an automatic lubrication system to reduce maintenance time.

The actual cost of bearing replacement was not high but the downtime cost for its customers was significant.

Important Points of the System

Operating in an outdoor environment DropsA offered their dual line system in Stainless Steel 316. The long tube lines meant that a dual line system was necessary to avoid the risk of pressure drops. The slew ring was lubricated as well as various point along the boom. Some points had flexible hose to allow for the movement of the bearing in operation.

Its necessary to have a powerful pump ,such as mini sumo, to maintain constant and even lubrication even when temperatures drop. Its recommend to use DropsA Polar Grease for system operating under -10 Degrees Celsius. ​

This case application was implemented using


Crane Diagram

Crane Diagram

Crane Diagram


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