Grain Dryers for Agricultural Machinery


Pedrotti S.r.l. is one of the first European producers of batch driers. They rely on DropsA to reduce downtime, maintenance and their costs.

The grain drier is an agricultural machine used to remove moisture from cereals in order to prevent mildew, while simplifying storage operations and preparing the product for further processing.

The special feature of this type of machine is that their operation is strictly linked to the harvest periods, therefore, it is a machine that works very intensely but only in some periods of the year.

The intensive activity in the short run needs a precise system that allows proper lubrication of the bearings even in high humid conditions such as these.

Important Points of this System

DropsA had chosen one of its best systems to allow the machine to work continuously for short periods, avoiding downtime for maintenance.

A progressive lubrication system with “Bravo” pump has been installed.

This includes a cycle control system used to preset quantity and frequency of lubrication, as well as alerting the operators to any problems or the lack of lubrication at any point.

Thanks to the Dropsa system, the company made savings in labor previously needed for manual lubrication, savings in costs, reduced downtime and extended the life of lubricated components.

The DropsA system also allows lubricant to reach points which would be difficult to lubricate manually, further reducing downtime and risk of accidents.

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Grain Dryers for Agricultural Machinery

Grain Dryers for Agricultural Machinery