Lubricating Bandsawing Machines

In recent years the need to equip machines with MQL systems for the lubrication of tools in the machining field has been developing as an alternative to the cooling water emulsion systems.
This need also arises from the increasing burden of environmental costs and regulatory constraints related to the use of cutting fluids.

The Company Bianco srl, leader in the design and manufacture of bandsawing machines, has choosen Dropsa as a partner installed the minimum quantity lubrication system MiQueL to achieve these objectives.

Miquel modular system guarantees a lubrication very precise and without waste that in addition to increase the life of the tool (thanks to the reduction of friction between tool and workpiece and the heat removal on the machining) involves a minimal use of biodegradable oils, eliminating the problems associated with disposal of the emulsions and also reducing the environmental impact.​

Benefits Achieved

Thanks to the solution proposed by Dropsa, which ensures the continuous lubrication to the cutting of the workpiece, the working made ​​with Bianco’s bandsawing machines are more efficient, thus leading to an increase in productivity and cost reduction.

The design of the modular element Miquel which does not require moving parts, also eliminates the problem of possible replacements of micropumpsdue to the physical decay of the piece, and this is certainly a benefit in terms of reduction of time and management costs.

lubricating bandsawing machines

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