Lubricating Drum Welding Machines

This customer is the world leader in drum welding machines.

A drum welder manipulates sheet metal, through a series of bending operations, forming the shape of the drum. It then welds a seam to finish along the side of the drum to complete the manufacture of a drum.

Important Points of the System

Lubricating Drum Welding Machine System

Drum Welding is an automated process.

Manual intervention is needed so frequently that an automatic lubrication system is required to keep the machine running without intervention.

Bearings are under heavy load especially in the area called the crushing roll.

There are 2 air pumps that feed 2 areas of the machine that run independently from each other.

This reduces wastage of grease.

SMX progressives in zinc plated steel and ultrasensor were used for monitoring correct distribution of grease.

3362026 hose with nylon 6mm is also used for interconnecting pipe work.

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Lubricating Drum Welding Machine Wiring

Lubricating Drum Welding Machines


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