Lubricating Straightening Machines

MAE is one of the leading companies worldwide when it comes to straightening or assembling components.

In the last decades they have developed increasingly from a manufacturer of standard hydraulic presses to specialists for select niche markets.
The have a strong position as flexible SME with innovative products in the fields of straightening machines and began a machines for the heavy duty industry.

For a new heavy duty rectifying press the need for lubrication was critical and because of the number of points it was important to use an automatic and centralized system.

The machine can straighten long metal sections using laser measurement techniques. The section is held in place by 2 rotating heads and pressed at different points along the horizontal axis to straightened it.

There are both linear and rotary bearing which move slowly however must withstand heavy loads.

Benefits Achieved

Lubricating Straightening Machines

MAE chose Dropsa as the preferred supplier.
The Dropsa website made it easy to choose and compare products and prices. After making contact with Dropsa they were given expert lubrication advise and support for specifying the products for the heavy duty machine.


– “To lubricate 90 points on the machine an automatic lubrication was essential. “
– “The exact quantity given to the point can be seen on the divider and it is very easy afterwards to modify the quantities by changing one or more dosing modules to give more or less grease.”
– “As there were a different quantities for each of the points this was very helpful”
– “Once we understood how the system works we were very satisfied with the products and service.”
– “The whole of the Dropsa system is very flexible and we made the right choice to use Dropsa.”

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