Marble Saws

DropsA has significant experience within the marble industry. Marble is notoriously hard to saw as it is one of the hardest and most robust stone on earth. The diamond wires on the saw are lubricated with a water emulsionated it would not be possible to use DropsA’s range ofAir/Oil products to lubricate the saw. The main parts that DropsA lubricates are the wire tensioning spools. These spools maintain the diamond wires tension to ensure a precise and reliable cut of marble, stone or granite.

Important Points of the System

DropsA uses a standard Bravo and SMX grease system to lubricate these spools /rollers. The pump can be mounted internally on the machine or sometimes it needs to be external. If external it is best to use the Bravo IP69K.

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Marble Saws

Marble Saws


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