Mobile Screens and Crushers

DropsA has installed many automatic lubrication systems on crushers and screens. Systems have been installed through OEMs and end user retrofits. DropsA has specialist distributors that can install on mobile chassis for more information please contact DropsA direct

Important Points of this System

This case study illustrates in detail an example of a screen. The most important part of the screen is the actual screen box. This requires a lot of grease compared to other bearing on the screen. Due to its high vibration it has to have a durable progressive installed on it. The other parts of the machine are mainly converyors and then various options such as a hopper or vibrating grid can be added as per customer specificaiton. The grease also has to be good quality as it is under extreme load and is subject to a lot of vibrations. Typically the supply voltages on the bravo is 12 V DC making the bravo the perfect choice for this application.

Lubrication Screens Diagram

‚ÄčThis case application was implemented using :

  • Bravo System With 2 pumping elements for higher flow
  • SMX Was used for primary divider
  • SMP Were used for secondary blocks.
  • Pressure switch for monitoring.


Mobile Screens and Crushers

Mobile Screens and Crusher System Diagram


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