RTG Cranes

Advanced Technology for Cranes

DropsA has supplied many different types of cranes. Below are 12 Kone Cranes installed at Haifa Port, Israel.
These are used to offload containers from ships that are docked in the port. Then they are loaded onto a train. This type of crane is called an RTG (rubber tired gantry) crane.

There are 2 main areas of the crane that need lubrication.

The trolley and the base of the crane.

On this design of crane there were 21 bearings of various dimensions.

Important Points of this System

Using a automatic lubrication system ensures that lubrication can take place in a safe environment.
Manual lubrication would entail engineers lubricating at 40 meters of height which was consider by the port as a health and safety risk.
A VIP controller was used to monitor the system was functioning and also to monitor the grease level in the reservoir.

This case application was implemented using :


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