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Discover the DropsA lubrication system that will provide you with proven, safe and efficient results.

Whether manual lubrication is dangerous, time-consuming or impractical, we have the right solution for you.


From power plants to oil refineries, energy and utility machinery needs to operate continuously in often dangerous situations. Thankfully, with our specialized lubrication systems, you’ll enjoy these advantages:

  • Safer lubrication
  • Reduced lubricant use
  • Timed and controlled application
  • Adjustable lubrication
  • Detailed monitoring

Each system offers innovative solutions to complex problems. Energy and utility equipment requires critical lubrication to ensure high-impact parts operate at peak efficiency.

Variety of Systems Available

While we offer many innovative lubrication systems, what sets DropsA USA apart is our dedication to personalization. Our team will ensure that you receive the lubrication you need for your heavy equipment and refined machinery. If one of our patented models isn’t exactly what you need, our engineers will assist you in discovering the ideal solution.

Don’t settle for a generic lubrication applicator for your highly specialized machinery. From recirculating oil systems to total loss lubrication, contact DropsA today to learn more about the best lubrication systems for the energy and utility industry on the market. We offer personalized engineering, hassle-free installation, and routine monitoring and maintenance to ensure you receive the precision performance and increased workplace safety you need.

Case Studies

rtg cranes

RTG Cranes

Using a automatic lubrication system ensures that lubrication can take place in a safe environment

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Escalator Oil Spray

Escalator Oil Spray

Elimination of the problems caused by the chain jumping on the teeth of the gear

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Lifting Lubrication System for Trains

Lifting Lubrication System for Trains

Using a proximity the quantity of grease can be defined more accurately and the lubricaition is guaranteed

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