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The Challenge

Frequent washing and cleaning, strong chemicals and continual operation can put a strain on bearings or introduce contaminants.


Automatic lubrication delivery systems are the answer, ensuring smooth bearing performance for 24/7 production, while also complying with client quality standards and food industry best practices.

DropsA delivers custom solutions for food and beverage systems industry leaders, guaranteeing optimal bearing longevity and significantly reducing related production shutdowns.

  • Automatic lubrication systems: Keep bearings protected from contaminants and working optimally at all times with automatic lubrication delivery tailored to each line.
  • Intuitive pumps: Give maintenance technicians precise control over individual bearings or a complete lubrication system
  • Independent injectors: Inspect, assemble or disassemble injectors to manifolds without removing fittings. Deliver lubricant exactly where it’s required and adjust the flow for each point independently or utilize our 33V fixed displacement injector series.
  • Food-grade-approved lubricants: DropsA solutions can effectively utilize high-quality food-safe greases that are approved by machinery manufacturers and follow top industry safety requirements.
  • Single- and dual-line lubrication systems: Carefully engineered lubrication solutions can protect production lines of any size, from machinery with a few bearings to large specialty lines with hundreds of lubrication points.

DropsA lubrication systems maintain and protect bearings for any food and beverage systems industry application, from finers and mixers to conveyors and fillers. For detailed product specs or expert assistance, contact DropsA to schedule an appointment.

Case Studies

Chocolate Finers

Chocolate Finers

After investigating the bearings, the manufacturer of the machine insisted that the bearings were failing due to lack of grease.

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Milk Line Bearings

Milk Line Bearings

Special care on the main pump box had to be taken during manufacturing to ensure it met IP 69 standards as requested by the customer.

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