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Keep Railways Safe

Passengers, innocent bystanders, nearby buildings and other vehicles may also become victims of any lapses in safety and maintenance of railway systems. For this and other reasons, the U.S. government reportedly invests nearly $9 billion in the maintenance of its railway systems.


One way that transportation authorities keep these systems safe is by using the best lubrication systems for the railways industry.

This helps to ensure that all the many pieces that come together keep trains running at their absolute best. Here are some of the many ways this benefits the railway industry:

  • Reduces friction between the rail interface and the wheel flange, especially when the route includes curves
  • Reduces wear and tear on railway lines, thereby extending the life of each lubricated component
  • Provides well-lubricated railway tracks with the advantage of handling larger loads than unlubricated ones or those that are not regularly lubricated
  • Reduces the likelihood of machine or parts failure, which may result in loss of life and property
  • Improves fuel economy

Are these some of the benefits you would like to realize for your railway system? Contact DropsA USA for more information about how well-lubricated railway routes can outperform and outlast unlubricated ones.

Case Studies

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Lifting Lubrication System for Trains

Using a proximity the quantity of grease can be defined more accurately and the lubricaition is guaranteed

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Rail lubrication system was installed at Garlate Lake Italy. System is reliable and foolproof, able to suffer the severest environmental conditions.

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Wheelset Axles lubrication: the precise dispensing of grease is essential to ensure no overheating of the axle due to over-greasing

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