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The complicated components require precision lubrication.

Improve your machinery in the textiles industry by implementing an automated and centralized DropsA lubrication system.


Our innovative solutions are customized for your specific machinery.

Whether you use an industry standard weaving machine or a customized, high-end alternative, we provide the lubrication system you need. Unlike manual lubrication application, your new DropsA system will provide you with:

  • Efficient lubrication application
  • Decreased lubricant use
  • Precision timing
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Decreased wear and tear of gears and other components

Just like your textile equipment, our lubrication solutions are engineered for precise use. Choose one of our patented systems or discover how our team of engineers can adjust a lubrication system to fit your particular equipment. Thanks to our modular designs, you’ll enjoy fast replacement and maintenance of your lubrication system. Whether you need to apply oil, air-oil, or grease, each component is designed to be quickly removed, repaired and replaced.

Improve Your Equipment Today

Discover the advantage of DropsA lubrication systems for the textiles industry today. Contact us to learn more about your unique, affordable and long-lasting lubrication system for your particular textile equipment. Keep your textile manufacturing plant operating efficiently with less downtime spent lubricating essential components.

Case Studies

Weaving Machines for Textile Industry

Weaving Machines for Textile Industry

The grease system lubricated various bearings on the machine and the oil system lubricated the shuttle.

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