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The key to keeping bearings working smoothly lies in high-quality lubrication.

As longtime professionals in the transport equipment and infrastructure industry, we understand this. Even minor breakdowns can have a large effect on order fulfillment and customer satisfaction. Fortunately, with the state-of-the-art lubrication systems from DropsA USA, manufacturers and transport industry titans can improve equipment performance and avoid costly downtime.

  • RTG cranes
  • Train-related systems
  • Escalator maintenance
  • Mass transit systems
  • Transport fleet preventative maintenance

The key to keeping bearings working smoothly lies in high-quality lubrication. DropsA transport and equipment infrastructure solutions deliver the ideal amount of lubricant automatically and unfailingly in land-based and marine environments.


The transport equipment and infrastructure industry benefit enormously from using the right lubricants and automatic lubrication systems across the delivery chain:

  • Dependability: DropsA engineers a large variety of lubrication systems for every situation and performance requirement.
  • Worker safety: In many infrastructure environments, such as ports, attempting manual lubrication would put workers in precarious situations high in the air. With automatic solutions, precise lubricant control is much safer.
  • Efficiency: Reduce the total amount of time dedicated to preventative maintenance or repair tasks by delivering ideal lubricant quantities day in and day out.
  • Operational uptime: Keeping fleets operating at peak efficiency isn’t an accident. Taking great care of bearings means equipment is always ready to go.

Durable lubrication components can handle 24/7 operation without problems. To learn more about specific transport and equipment infrastructure solutions, contact the experts at DropsA USA right away.

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rtg cranes

RTG Cranes

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Escalator Oil Spray

Elimination of the problems caused by the chain jumping on the teeth of the gear

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Lifting Lubrication System for Trains

Lifting Lubrication System for Trains

Using a proximity the quantity of grease can be defined more accurately and the lubricaition is guaranteed

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