There’s no doubt that lubrication has a positive effect on production output and maintenance costs.

With high-quality oil and grease lubricants, equipment bearings perform better and industrial machinery can operate faster and longer safely. However, in order to keep components working properly and avoid breakdowns or costly parts replacements, lubrication filters are essential.

DropsA USA provides several types of industrial lubricant filters for a wide variety of applications and lubrication systems:

  • Oil recirculation systems
  • Coolant systems
  • Total-loss lubrication
  • Near-dry lubrication
  • Small-reservoir self-contained production units

High-quality sub-micron filtration is required to prevent system contamination from exterior particles or metallic debris formed during production or machining processes. This is especially vital for high-speed bearings and systems that reuse oil continuously.

Key Features

When working with ferrous materials, the optimal filtration solution involves magnetic components that remove all particles from industrial lubricant instantaneously. They deliver amazing results for oil, fluid grease, industrial grease and gas lubrication. By getting rid of all ferrous debris, manufacturers reduce friction, heat and wear of bearings and metallic system components. Finished products are precise down to micron specifications and free of damage or premature scoring of exterior and interior surfaces.

This DropsA lubrication system comes with the following key features.

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