Our expert manufacturing line produces all types of fittings for your grease and oil lubrication systems.

Compression fittings, push-in fittings, grease nipples and grease lubrication fittings, anchor blocks and pipe clips are all manufactured to fit your precise requirements and exacting standards. From automotive to  textile manufacturing, you need a dedicated fitting manufacturer who understands your industry-specific lubrication needs.

When a fitting is damaged or worn out, it can cause a minor leak or major failure of your pressurized lubrication system. Don’t let a minor component keep your heavy machinery from operating at peak efficiency. Discover why our fittings are durable enough to withstand the pressures of your industry. Whether you install it in-house or take advantage of our premier installation service, we offer the fittings you need.

Key Features

We offer the price and design of industrial lube fittings that you need for a quick replacement. Because we engineer and manufacture our components, we offer competitive pricing on general or customized fittings for any lubrication system. From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, here are the key features of DropsA fittings:

This DropsA lubrication system comes with the following key features.

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Lightning-Fast Replacement

Our push-in type fittings are designed to quickly swap out your damaged part for a high-performance connector or elbow.

Pressurized Performance

Select a fitting that is guaranteed to operate under the necessary amount of pressure.

Customized Solutions

Choose universal oil lubrication fittings or contact our team to engineer the exact fitting you need for your centralized lubrication system.

Guaranteed To Deliver

At DropsA, we design products that are guaranteed to deliver the results you need and able to withstand the routine wear and tear of your industry.


Monitor maintenance schedules, access replacement part information and more with our innovative internet of things technology.