Almost every aspect of business and industry now includes some form of automation.

From inventory management to quality control, companies are passing more of the monotonous tasks to AI and robotics. The same is true of the sensors and monitoring devices used by DropsA USA engineers.

Key Features

This DropsA lubrication system comes with the following key features.

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Lightning-Fast Replacement

Our push-in type fittings are designed to quickly swap out your damaged part for a high-performance connector or elbow.

Pressurized Performance

Select a fitting that is guaranteed to operate under the necessary amount of pressure.

Guaranteed To Deliver

At DropsA, we design products that are guaranteed to deliver the results you need and able to withstand the routine wear and tear of your industry.

Customized Solutions

Choose universal oil lubrication fittings or contact our team to engineer the exact fitting you need for your centralized lubrication system.


Monitor maintenance schedules, access replacement part information and more with our innovative internet of things technology.