DropsA USA offers a variety of sizes (diameter) of tubing and hoses with various pressure ratings (high and low pressure) to meet your lubrication solutions needs. Custom lengths cut and / or assembled to size are available upon request.

Key Features

This DropsA lubrication system comes with the following key features.

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Lightning-Fast Replacement

Our push-in type fittings are designed to quickly swap out your damaged part for a high-performance connector or elbow.

Pressurized Performance

Select a fitting that is guaranteed to operate under the necessary amount of pressure.

Customized Solutions

Choose universal oil lubrication fittings or contact our team to engineer the exact fitting you need for your centralized lubrication system.

Guaranteed To Deliver

At DropsA, we design products that are guaranteed to deliver the results you need and able to withstand the routine wear and tear of your industry.


Monitor maintenance schedules, access replacement part information and more with our innovative internet of things technology.

Types of Tubing & Tools

At DropsA, we offer a wide variety of different tubes and tubing tools.

We offer copper, steel-plated, steel, and nylon tubes. These tubes vary widely in terms of their length and diameter. Whether you need 4mm nylon tubing or 12-inch copper tubes, we have a solution for almost every application. In addition to our tubing options, we also offer tubing tools that can help you bend copper or copper-plated tubes.

Industry Applications

Businesses in many industrial sectors can take advantage of our lubrication equipment replacement parts and tubing tools. For example, many of our customers in the food and beverage industry utilize our nylon lubrication hose because of its flexibility and resistance to liquids. We also have many clients in the machining and metal forming industries who use our tubes in their CNC machines.

Essentially, any industrial machine, from plows to container forklifts, could benefit from custom-made tubing and hoses. Reach out to us today to learn more about our custom solutions—we can help you find the right tubing and accessories for your application.