Lubrication Pumps

Lubrication Pumps

There are many types of lubrication pumps and grease pumps, with unique design features making them suitable for a range of lubrication systems. When choosing the right lubrication pump or grease pump it will be important to understand automatic lubricators and their differences.

Will your project require a pneumatic or electric grease pump? Would a Bravo pump or air grease pump be a more suitable solution? What type of auto lube systems or oil lubrication systems will it be functioning within? These are some of the questions we can help you with. From industrial machinery to an efficient centralized lubrication system in your processing facility, we have the industrial lubrication products products to keep your business running smoothly.

Pneumatic Grease Pumps

A pneumatic system relies on air to power grease or oil to various areas of your application. The size and features of the system can vary dramatically depending on your type of pump and machinery, but they typically include the following components:

  • Grease pump cylinder and piston
  • Controller
  • Pneumatic lines
  • Grease or oil applicators

Pneumatic Applications

At DropsA North America, our pneumatic line of pumps can be used to apply grease or oil to specific lubrication points on your equipment. They are used for a range of equipment, ranging from heavy construction vehicles to plate deforming machines. The biggest limitation of a pneumatic system is the availability of compressed air and the pressure ratings of these lines compared to a hydraulic system.

Benefits of a Pneumatic Lubrication Pump

The specific amount of lubrication is powered through pneumatic lines using compressed air. In a system where compressed air is already available, this type of lubrication pump is surprisingly easy to install, accurate and affordable.

Compare pump sizes and applications. Some pumps are ideal for large systems and heavy amounts of lubrication, while others excel in compact working conditions and small amounts of lubrication. Connect your lubrication pump to a dynamic controller to enjoy accurate lubrication that’s far easier than a manual grease gun or oil lubrication system.

Electric Grease Pumps

Some grease lubrication pump installations don’t have access to a compressed air pump. Whether it’s a matter of space, cost or other factor, you may need an electric grease pump for your application. We offer three key sizes of electric pumps:

  • 35 liters per minute
  • 5 liters per minute
  • 2 liters per minute

All of these pumps are rated at 1500 rpm. An electric motor gives you tremendous control of your lubrication system. Choose either intermittent or continuous service in either rotational direction. The invertible suction of an electric grease pump adds flexibility during the installation process, since you can choose to position the pump at various locations of the system without affecting the direction of delivery.

Common Applications

A DropsA North America electric pump can be found lubricating manufacturing equipment in a number of industries. The compact size, reversible directions and accurate controls of our electric pump line enables them to be installed on equipment or placed in a central location to cover multiple machines.

Covering key grease points is a great feature of our electric pump line, but you can also take advantage of the precision pump power in other systems. Connect your new pump with a hydraulic or refrigeration system to circulate and filter other fluids. Using the same type of motor pump for multiple systems reduces the complexity of maintenance tasks in your equipment, saving your maintenance team time and money.

Why Choose Electric Pumps

Most manufacturing facilities already have an excess of noise. A virtually silent electric pump creates far less noise pollution than a compressed-air-powered alternative. This may reduce the risk of injuries due to environmental noise or improve communications on your shop floor.

An electric pump is also a highly reliable option. Choose a DropsA North America pump for a durable cast iron body, chrome-nickel steel shafts and a dependable O-ring that forms a tight steel. All of these features reduce the risk of a sudden breakdown and can minimize repair costs.

Bravo Pumps

Small but mighty, the Bravo lubrication pump is a highly innovative system that can be used in a wide range of applications. A modular system makes it easy to expand or contract the reservoir and minimum level of your grease pump to accommodate a changing manufacturing process.

Multiple connectors and versatile voltage options allow Bravo pumps to work in a number of industrial applications. Here are the voltages that this iconic pump range can accept to power your lubrication system:

  • 12 or 24 volts, AC or DC
  • 110 or 230 volts, 50 or 60 hertz

Where To Install a Bravo Pump

Connect your Bravo pump to a number of connectors and program it to accommodate your grease point maintenance schedule. Thanks to the iconic engineering and compact size, a Bravo pump can be successfully installed in a mobile plant, vehicle or industrial application.

Features To Consider

Adjust your lubrication pump to match your output needs. The VARIO-Drive management system can tailor the output to 50% to 100% of its available power. The result is a surprisingly customized system that delivers the amount of grease you need in a controlled, consistent schedule. Here are some of the other key features we’ve included in the Bravo pump line:

  • Duel refilling ports
  • Programmable controls and highly visible display
  • Integrated fixture technology
  • Multiple pump elements available
  • Tamper-proof seal

Air Grease Pumps

Choose a dual line or progressive divider system and power it effectively with an air grease pump by DropsA North America. Both of these systems allow you to monitor and control the amount of grease used in each lubrication point.

Using a dual line system allows you to configure an expansive system to meet the needs of multiple pieces of equipment. During maintenance procedures, simply substitute active components to avoid disrupting the existing pipe work.

A progressive system uses individual outlets in a progressive spool arrangement. Typically, only a single cycle sensor at a particular outlet is necessary to monitor the lubrication levels of the entire system.

Industries To Include an Air Grease Pump

Steel plants, woodworking facilities and paper mills all take advantage of a grease lubrication system by DropsA North America. Our team can design air grease systems to match your specific application. By selecting separate pumps, reservoirs and applicators, the optimal amount of grease can be sent to the areas where it’s needed most.

Advantages of This System

A custom air grease lubrication pump setup can save you on maintenance and grease costs. Optimizing the amount at each delivery point is a great way to reduce waste in your facility. If there are any issues with your system, our state-of-the-art controls emit an alarm and notify you of the operational status of your system.

Hydraulic Grease Pumps

Choose a hydraulically driven pump to power grease through your single-source setup. A DropsA North America hydraulic system is a specialized system for particular industrial use. Find out how our powerful systems pump grease using hydraulic oil. Connect a suitable pump to your existing hydraulic system for a dependable way to maintain your equipment.

Fields of Use

These pumps are commonly used in oil and mining equipment, though some also excel in farming equipment. The system uses a powerful pumping piston to contract a spring-loading grease applicator. Explore each type of lubrication pump to see if it’s compatible with your stationary equipment or moveable machinery.

Benefits of Hydraulic Operations

If your equipment already has hydraulic power, this is a great option. The available force and efficiency of hydraulic fluid reduces the operational costs of your centralized grease system. For equipment without hydraulic lines, this setup may provide more power and operate more grease points than a pneumatic or electric lubrication pump.

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