Guide to Lubrication Pumps

Lubrication pumps are an integral part of any lubrication system; their primary purpose is to feed oil or grease into a tubing system, which then disperses the oil or grease into specific lubrication points in a piece of equipment.

In this concise guide, we will cover the two major types of oil and grease pumps and what types of systems these pumps can be integrated into.

Types of Lubrication Pumps

Although lubrication pumps can be classified by the type of lubricant they use, most can be categorized as either manual or electric/automatic. Below, we’ll discuss each type.

Series 216, manual lubrication pump

Manual Lubrication Pumps

A manual pump is specifically designed to work in a manual lubrication system. In this type of system, you press the handle down on the manual pump, which then carries lubricant from the reservoir to the desired friction points. Although these pumps are flexible, in that they allow you to choose when to lubricate, they do not guarantee that the right amount of oil or grease hits the right friction points at the right time. Additionally, manual lubrication pumps cannot be engaged unless the machine is shut down.

Electric Lubrication Pumps

Dragon X electric lubrication pump

Next, an electric (automatic) pump is typically used in an automatic lubrication system. These pumps operate according to preset parameters established by machinists. Providing consistent and precise amounts of lubrication without requiring supervision, electric lubrication pumps can be a safer way of supplying lubrication to friction points because machines do not need to be shut down. Moreover, the best time to apply lubrication is while machinery is moving to ensure bearings and other friction points are evenly and adequately lubricated.


Both oil and grease pumps can be easily integrated into single, dual, multi, and progressive lubrication systems. However, you should only use manual pumps in manual lubrication systems, and electric pumps in automatic lubrication systems.

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