Prevent freezing in the Natural Gas production Process

Natural Gas is one of the leading sources of energy throughout North America. A problematic occurrence and common issue in the production of "wet" gas is the presence of water vapor. As temperatures begin to plunge and water particles start to freeze, a buildup of ice can wreak havoc on the natural gas production, transportation, and storage processes. One of the most effective methods to combat the freezing progression is the introduction of methanol, which operates as an anti-freezing agent, into the gas pipelines.

While the induction of methanol is an effective solution to the buildup of ice particles, DropsA's Solid Base, Methanol Injection distribution blocks offer an efficient means to this effective solution. DropsA's distribution blocks evenly divide up the methanol output of a Chemical Injection Pump to the desired distribution points. Combine an effective solution with an efficient method to reduce costs and downtime in the effort to produce a high-quality product and satisfied customer!

Available Systems

DropsA USA’s Solid Base Methanol Injection Splitter Valves are available in two to six outlet configurations (additional size blocks can be configured upon request). Designed to properly distribute the flow of methanol to critical areas of need, the Solid Base Splitter Valve provides a robust solution in the natural gas production process.

Methanol Injection Splitter Valves

Solid Base Methanol Splitter Valve

DropsA USA’s Solid Base Methanol Splitter Valves are available from two to six outlet configurations. Additional size blocks can be configured upon request.