Filtration, a key to Success!

Micron Filter provides filtration solutions for real industrial needs. Whether its coolant, aerosol, toxic fumes, or dust, DropsA USA can help provide an effective and efficient filtration solution that meets your needs!

Available Systems

General Micron Filter

Micron Filter - General

Proper filtration is a key to the success of maintaining and improving upon machine operations. Improve processes, work environments, and employee wellbeing with an efficient and effective filtration solution. Look to DropsA USA for all of your filtration requirements.

Coolant Filter

Coolant Filters

Extend the life of machine coolant by incorporating a MicronFilter Coolant Filtration solution into a machine’s operating process. Extend the life of coolant and tooling while reducing solids, tramp oil, and bacteria from the operation. Improve the quality of a finished product while improving the shop’s work environment.

dust collector

Dust Collector

Create a clean, and safe, working environment by incorporating a MicronFilter Dust Collector solution in your shop. Collect, and filter, welding fumes, fine and course dust, fine metal chips, and smoke / haze. Improve the air quality of a working environment.

magnetic filter

Magnetic Filters

Increase the performance of a coolant filtration system by incorporating a MicronFilter Magnetic solution into the process. Remove ferrous material chips / byproducts from coolant with simple to implement applications.

mist collector

Mist Collectors

Filter, and remove, heavy oil mist from a work atmosphere with a MicronFilter Mist Collector solution. Significantly improve a machining operation’s work environment and air quality with a simple, stand-alone application.

tramp oil skimmer

Tramp Oil Skimmer

Properly maintain and extend the life of coolant with a MicronFilter Tramp Oil Skimmer. Remove tramp oil, and its negative impact on coolant, with a simple to use application.