Selecting Industrial Spray Nozzles

Industrial spray nozzles have multiple uses in commercial, industrial, and consumer markets. These all-important tools that help clean, sanitize, lubricate, cool, coat, and spray equipment, machinery, industrial finished goods, and everyday consumer products. Although all industrial spray nozzles serve the same purpose, they’re not all made the same.

In this article, we’ll highlight all of the different types of spray nozzles, what they’re used for, and how to select the right type for your application and needs.

Types of Nozzles

Industrial spray nozzles work by converting the pressure of lubricants, oils, water, paint, and other fluids, into kinetic energy, which is then converted into a mist or spray. There are eight major types of industrial spray nozzles that we carry at DropsA, and each type is designed for a specific purpose. Read on to learn more.

Spray Valve

When lubricating critical moving or sliding parts, companies typically choose a spray valve to provide a steady stream of lubricant. Industrial spray valves activate once the lubricant is injected into the pump, providing a consistent supply of air-oil or air-grease mixture.

spray valve nozzle for grease or oil lubricant

Spray Valve 1132330 Series

These pneumatic spray valves are specifically designed for the rail industry, where lubricating wheel flanges with a thin, evenly dispersed, and consistent coating of grease lubrication or oil is of critical importance. This lubrication helps to reduce friction between wheels and flanges while also lubricating the rail while cornering

Spray Valve 1132330 Series

Blade Shape Spray Valve

As its name implies, blade shape spray valves provide a blade-shaped oil or air-oil spray. As with all nozzles, the range of the spray and how much the nozzle lubricates depends on the pump and the pressure that pump is providing.

blade shape spray valve

Cone Shape Spray Valve

Cone-shaped spray valves provide a consistent spray to a targeted area in a conical pattern. This makes it an ideal solution for chains, steel cables, or specific surface locations.

cone shaped spray valve

Band Saw Nozzles

A band saw nozzle is specifically designed to keep your band saws well lubricated during cutting, helping to reduce friction and the temperature of the blade and material being cut. Band saw nozzles have three-to-five spurt outlets to ensure maximum coverage of your saw blades during operation.

Four different sizes of band saw spray nozzles

Single-Pipe Nozzle

Single-pipe nozzles are ideal solutions when you want a repeatable amount of lubricant through a flat conical spray. The air-oil nozzle is similar to other industrial nozzles in terms of its ability to deliver a specific amount of spray to a targeted location.

Single Pipe Nozzle

Coaxial Nozzle

These spray nozzles typically come with a flat cone which delivers a precise amount of air-oil mixture.

coaxial spray nozzles

Coaxial Nozzle With Threaded Head & Shape Spray

Threaded coaxial nozzles are designed for quick and easy installation, and are an ideal complement to your existing lubrication system. These reliable nozzles deliver a steady and repeatable spray of air and oil.

coaxial industrial spray nozzle with threaded head and shape spray

Selecting the Right Nozzle

Selecting the proper nozzle begins and ends with your needs and applications. First, you’ll want to define what you’re using your spray nozzles for. Define the surface area that needs coverage and the width or circumference the lubricant or liquid must cover. Next, define if you want a spray or mist and how either will be delivered onto your surface or substrate. Flow rate is the next criterion; you’ll need to determine the gallons per minute (GPM) your pump and controller must provide to the nozzles.

In addition to surface area coverage and flow rate, you’ll also want to consider the lubricant you’re using and the application you’re using the nozzle for.

Lubricant Viscosity

Choosing your lubricant is of paramount importance; the right lubricant ensures the optimal efficiency of equipment, machinery, and their subcomponent parts. Oils and greases are more viscous than water, which requires more diligence in selecting a spray nozzle to ensure maximum coverage. This means your chosen nozzle must be capable of delivering a consistent supply of spray or mist in a controlled and measurable way. The more viscous a liquid is, the slower it will flow. So, if you need a higher flow rate, you will need to choose a lubricant with lower viscosity.


Determining how the liquid will be dispersed or delivered is critical to choosing the spray, stream, or drip pattern type. Full cone nozzles come in axial, spiral, and tangential tips and evenly deliver the lubricant on your designated surface. Hollow cone nozzles deliver a hollow circular spray pattern, while flat fan nozzles deliver a “flat” spray pattern. Mist nozzles turn fluids into droplets due to the nozzle’s small outlet orifices.

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