Grease Line Fittings

grease line fittingsWhat Are Grease Fittings? Grease line fittings are pieces in mechanical systems used to feed lubricants, particularly lubricating grease, into bearings or other mechanical parts, typically using a grease gun. They are sometimes called grease nipples, Zerk fittings, grease zerks, Alemite fittings or simple grease fittings. They have an outward-facing nipple that can be connected to the grease gun. Lubrication fittings are permanently installed like this so make lubrication of the bearings easy.

How Do Grease Line Fittings Work?

Although there are numerous types of grease fittings, they all work based on roughly the same principle. Like other oil lubrication fittings, they are installed on the bearing or other part they are intended to lubricate. The fitting has a valve, typically a spring-tension ball valve. The valve remains closed at normal pressure and protects the part from dirt and other contamination.

When pressure is applied to the valve with a grease gun or other applicator, it opens, allowing the grease to enter the system. Moderate to high pressure is needed to feed grease through the fitting. As soon as the lubrication process is complete, the spring will push the ball bearing back into place, shutting the valve.

Remote grease line fittings have a very similar design but are not installed directly on the target part. Instead, they have a line that delivers lubrication from the fitting to the system. This allows easier access for hard-to-reach parts.

Types of Lubrication Fittings for Oil and Grease

There are several different types of grease and oil lubrication fittings, each with its own unique benefits. At DropsA USA, we offer compression fittings, grease nipples, snap on fittings, pipe clips, push-in fittings and anchor blocks. Understanding the benefits of each of these designs will help you find the right lubrication system parts for your lubrication systems, whether you are using a centralized lubrication system, automatic grease system, conveyor lubrication system or customized type.

Compression Fittings

remote grease line fittings

Compression fittings use a design with a ferrule that is compressed upon tightening to achieve a sturdy fixture to almost any line material. They require a more complex installation than some other options but are very reliable. We offer them in a variety of materials and shapes, including 45- and 90-degree elbows, tee connectors and straight unions.

Grease Nipples

Grease nipples are the most conventional style of grease fittings. They are connected directly to the part needing lubrication and feature a simple valve. We offer concave head, angled, button head and hydraulic grease nipples.

Snap On

As the name suggests, snap on fittings can be quickly positioned and disconnected. Our screw-type fitting with a double seal provides strong reliability combined with operational simplicity. It can work effectively even when subjected to critical operating conditions.

Pipe Clips

Pipe clips are used in lubrication systems to help keep the system organized and sturdy. We offer clips with one and two fixing holes to fit different space requirements.

Push-In Fittings

Push-in fittings offer a simpler installation process compared to compression fittings. They can be easily placed and removed with no damage to the tubes. These can work as both local and remote grease line fittings. We offer straight and 90-degree push-in designs.

Anchor Blocks

Anchor blocks are used as connecting points in various lubrication systems. They are most commonly used for dual-line systems in the steel industry. However, there are applications for anchor blocks in many other settings as well. We have single, dual-line and multipoint anchor blocks in a variety of sizes and formats.

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