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Combining precision and innovation in the field of Industrial Lubrication.

Types of systems available

Bielomatik Lubrication Technology offers highly efficient, extremely effective Centralized and Minimum Quantity Lubrication solutions.

CL Pre-Assembled

A single line progressive block that is engineered, assembled, and tested to meet the exact specification that is required of a lubrication system. Take advantage of this plug-and-play solution and leave all the hassles of customizing a lubrication solution in DropsA North America’s hands.

H1 MQL 1 Channel

Grasp the advantages of a single channel MQL solution with the simple to use H1 application. Eliminate the use of machine coolant, and all the negative side effects, from a machining process with H1!

Mobile Lubrication Unit – MLU

Take advantages of a Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) system from application to application with the mobile MLU solution. The MLU’s compact design, with battery option, allows this unit to be portable for the machining of aircraft components and / or for sandwich material with multiple layers.

MQL 2-Channel System

The MQL solution for high-speed precision machining. The two-channel MQL application expands upon the revolutionary Minimum Quantity Lubrication technology to provide instantaneous air-oil flow to the cutting surface. The MQL 2-Channel System is optimal for all applications and excels in high-speed, deep hole machining processes.

MQL Calibration Measuring

Make sure that your MQL system is performing at an optimal level. Designed to evaluate, calibrate, or make necessary adjustments to a 2-Channel MQL Solution.

MQL Metal Cutting

Informational content on the benefits of Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL). Eliminate the use of machine coolant, improve upon the finish of the final product, reduce downtime and costs, and develop an environmentally friendly, healthier work environment.


Bielomatik Lubrication Technology, offered by DropsA, provides innovative solutions to meet a variety of lubrication requirements. From Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) solutions to Centralized Lubrication systems, DropsA North America can provide effective and efficient lubrication solutions for a multitude of applications across a variety of Industries.

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