DropsA USA’s Sales Engineers, Engineering department, and Inside Sales team have decades of experience in lubrication system design, engineering, implementation, and knowledge across numerous industries and a vast array of applications.

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DropsA USA has an Engineering staff / department on hand to develop and generate custom lubrication and controls solutions for applications that require a lubrication system beyond the norm.

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Installation available upon request for projects (large or Small)

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Training classes available covering applications, products, and concepts (knowledge can be applied to competition’s products, as well).

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Support & Maintenance

DropsA USA offers technical support via phone, virtual chat support, and in-person trouble shooting to offer customers the highest level of support when needed.

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Industry-Specific Lubrication Services

Every industry has its own needs for bearing lubrication and maintenance. Food and beverage industries rely on food-grade grease to guarantee 24/7 bearing operation in moist or humid environments. Machining applications need lubricant processes that stand up to high speeds without contaminating work surfaces. DropsA has ideal solutions:

  • Grease lubrication: High-quality grease is effective as a lubricant in everything from food processing to steel manufacturing. High viscosity and good temperature resistance makes it ideal for bearing lubrication in production lines and machinery. Single- and dual-line systems reach every lubrication point of manufacturing systems with the right amount of grease, allowing for automatic control or manual maintenance on a point-to-point basis.
  • Total loss lubrication: Replenish machine lubricants at ideal intervals for optimal performance without interrupting manufacturing. Total loss lubrication systems apply a protective layer of fluid grease or oil to system components, preventing wear and part damage and ensuring smooth operation. High-viscosity oils, pumps and injectors are tailored to the specs of each industry.
  • Oil re-circulation: When manufacturing processes generate significant heat at supply points, lubrication needs to do more than simply provide a protective layer. Continual oil re-circulation systems deliver constant lubricant while also removing excess heat from the system. Special drain lines collect and return surplus oil to the supply tank for seamless operation.
  • Near-dry machining: Sometimes fluid oil quantities need to be kept to a minimum during production, such as with cutting and forming applications. Minimal quantity lubrication  technology provides compressed air with fine lubricant particles delivered straight to the cutting surface or dispensed within cutting tools. MQL systems offer better production quality than traditional coolant-based systems.
  • Air/oil lubrication: This system uses a continuous stream of compressed air as a cooling medium, with the periodic injection of minimal oil to deliver a protective film to the work surface. This helps conveyor systems, chains, gears, high-speed bearings and other components to last longer without leaking or wasting lubricant.

Design, Engineering and Installation of Total Lubrication Systems

DropsA handles every step of lubrication system creation and implementation to the client’s satisfaction, from consultation and ideation to engineering and installation. This gives manufacturers total control over the design and implementation process. Automatic grease lubrication systems are designed from scratch to care for every moving part of production machinery per manufacturer specs.

To begin the design process or request a one-on-one consultation, contact DropsA experts right away. They’re happy to answer any questions or provide professional recommendations.

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