Lubrication Systems

lubrication systemsWe offer a complete line of standard and custom distribution feeders, pumps, controls, auxiliary equipment and fixtures to build and support almost every kind of lubrication system.

Turn your company into a well-oiled machine with premier lubrication systems by DropsA USA. Our team is constantly working to connect you with the systems you need to improve the efficiency and lifetime of your equipment. Explore our range of lubrication solutions to find the distribution feeders, controls, pumps and auxiliary equipment you need.

Grease Lubrication

Paper mills, small machines and large-scale industrial equipment all require grease to maintain momentum and productivity. At DropsA USA, our centralized grease lubrication products allow parts to continue to move conveniently without grinding or other resistance.

Choose centralized automatic grease systems to avoid time-consuming maintenance with manual grease guns and grease points. A centralized system is powered by an intelligent controller and offers a highly controlled distribution of grease.

Total Loss Lubrication

An overheating engine, conveyor belt or other piece of equipment can stall your production line. At DropsA USA, one of our most common systems is the total loss lubrication system. This uses a range of distribution and control techniques to ensure every contact point is coated with a thin, consistent film of lubrication.

High-viscosity oil or other fluid is necessary to keep your moving parts moving efficiently. When you use a total loss system, the oil is used up during use. This prevents contamination in the system. Control the flow of oil to avoid overuse and to keep your machinery operating efficiently.

Oil Recirculation Lubrication

Save time and money by recirculating the oil in your lubrication system. These systems completely immerse the moving parts in oil and keep the fluid circulating. This is ideal for high-performance, high-speed equipment. It’s used in systems that don’t burn excess oil or drain it away from the equipment, so you can save money by reducing your oil use.

A series of drain pipes collects and recirculates the oil, dramatically reducing downtime. Instead of spending time refilling your oil reservoir, let your equipment continue to power through your manufacturing process.

MQL: Minimum Quantity Lubrication

MQL lubrication systems are designed to minimize mess and wasted oil. Reduced material waste improves the overall efficiency and affordability of your equipment. Choose an MQL system for high-speed cutting applications for precision performance. Exact lubrication distribution reduces heat and resistance without using excess lubricant.

Work with our team to dial in the exact oil amount for your MQL centralized system. This option is particularly popular for CNC machining and other precision devices that require a little amount of oil to keep things running smoothly. If you need a heavy amount of oil or grease, consider using an oil recirculation or grease lubrication alternative.

Air/Oil Lubrication

Finally, some lubrication systems require a particularly fine amount of oil for proper lubrication. In these situations, turn to an air/oil lubrication system. These units use a micro-spray combination of air and oil to provide the ideal amount of oil for gears, spindles, chains and other moving parts. They are ideal for compact spaces and minor oil use.

Too much oil can be a costly mistake and even result in slipping chains or other issues. Use an air/oil system to enjoy compact performance. These systems provide the same dependable performance and accuracy as our larger centralized models. Compare models to see the space requirements and the amount of oil they are capable of delivering for your company requirements.

Enjoy the DropsA Advantage Today

Don’t spend time manually lubricating your equipment. Contact us today at DropsA USA for industry-leading lubrication systems that match your industry and your ambition. Reduce costs and improve the performance of any equipment with a system tailored to your lubrication needs. Explore our range of products and ask about ways to increase the efficiency of your process.