DropsA offers a variety of lubrication solutions to keep your critical operation running as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Utilize a centralized lubrication solution on essential production equipment to significantly improve processes and extend the life of vital equipment.

A centralized lubrication solution:

  • Provides precise disbursement of lubrication in the correct place at the proper time
  • Improves the longevity of equipment and reduces downtime due to breakdowns
  • Increases the throughput of machinery and overall operations

Case Studies

RTG Cranes

Using a automatic lubrication system ensures that lubrication can take place in a safe environment

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Escalator Oil Spray

Elimination of the problems caused by the chain jumping on the teeth of the gear

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Lifting Lubrication System for Trains

Using a proximity the quantity of grease can be defined more accurately and the lubricaition is guaranteed

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