MQL: Near Dry Machining

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MQL: Near Dry Machining

Achieve optimal lubrication with minimum quantity MQL lubrication systems. Whether you’re machining, operating a CNC machine or utilizing any other equipment that requires a small amount of lubricant, you’ll enjoy improved performance with our MQL machining centralized systems. Discover how DropsA can help you get the most out of your machining today.

Types of systems available

Here are a few innovative DropsA minimum quantity lubrication systems in use today. Once you select the MQL lubrication system that fits your equipment, our team will discuss any necessary customization and the installation process to help you reduce downtime and improve your overall productivity:


This internal lubrication option is easy to install and auto-regulates to fit your machining needs. It’s an excellent option for mid-high range applications and can completely replace your coolant filtration and high-pressure lubrication system.


A modular system that offers calibrated lubrication, the MiQueL is easy to use and has safety features to ensure that only the purest lubrication enters your machinery. It keeps a continuous flow rate going throughout your machining process.

MiQuel EXT

The MiQueL EXT offers an external pump source option that still offers all the quality and efficiency of the standard MiQueL. The separate pressurized tank and air oil supply allow you to customize this centralized system to fit your exact specifications.

Benefits of Minimum Quantity Lubrication

Many lubrication systems deliver excess lubricant to ensure adequate coverage.

This overage quickly adds up and results in wasted materials and lost capital. With a DropsA MQL lubrication system, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a lubricated machine without the excess.

The process works by taking away the traditional coolant and using a reduced amount of lubrication and MQL coolant. By monitoring the necessary lubrication needs and strictly controlling the application, your centralized lubrication system offers you both optimal cutting performance and minimal lubrication use.

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