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Air/Oil Lubrication

High-speed components require specialized lubrication solutions. If you need air lubrication or small, precise amounts of oil, you need a DropsA air oil lubrication system. Discover how the VIP4 and personalized variants allow your machinery to operate at peak efficiency.

Types of systems available

The VIP4 air oil system offers a series of systems designed to improve your machinery and cut down on maintenance time. The VIP4Chain is designed specifically to provide optimal chain lubrication. Choose the exact link spacing you need for each lubrication point and just the necessary applicators for precision application.

The VIP4Air uses a continuous air stream to clear debris and ensure a well-lubricated component without the use of grease or large amounts of oil. Each of these systems can be designed for your quality standards and industry specifications. If you have a piece of equipment that utilizes a chain or conveyor and requires impulse-driven lubrication, find out how our system can save you time and decrease your lubricant waste.

VIP4 Air-Oil

Downstream of the satellite a splitter tube system is the used to divide the air/oil mixture into appropriate quantities for the bearing and seals being lubricated

SMX Air-Oil

SMX mixing valve is the basis of air/oil progressive modular system. Air/oil divider applies the characteristics of SMX modular progressive divider to the air/oil system.

SBO Air-Oil

Modular metering valves for dual-line air-oil system consists of two main parts: Base and metering valve. The valves can be supplied with adjustable or fixed discharge.

Benefits of Air/Oil Lubrication

Unlike larger lubrication systems, an air lubrication system offers an incredibly compact device. It’s exceptionally useful for areas with little clearance.

The VIP4 DropsA system offers a clear solution for a number of applications, including:

  • Micro-spray coating applications
  • Chain cleaning and lubrication
  • Gear lubrication
  • Spindle lubrication
  • Oil lubricated vacuum pumps

Because it uses a steady air stream to apply a precise amount of oil, the VIP4 system dramatically decreases the amount of lubricant necessary for optimal efficiency. Receive the most benefit from your air oil lubrication system with equipment that requires an impulse-driven lubrication cycle, rather than a time-driven cycle.

As a modular system, our air oil lubrication systems offer easy maintenance and customization should you need additional features or replacement parts. Unlike other systems, every lubrication system by DropsA is engineered to achieve maximum customization for improved performance and decreased maintenance costs.

Advanced Performance, Personalized Maintenance

Our team not only engineers innovative lubrication systems for all of your specialized equipment, but we are also capable of installing and maintaining all your centralized lubrication systems to maximize efficiency. Contact us at DropsA today to learn more about our patented systems and find out how we can partner to improve your manufacturing and industrial equipment. Choose a company that delivers proven results and time-tested solutions with dynamic air and oil lubrication systems.

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