New Customers & Vendors

New Customers

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your interest in setting up an account with DropsA USA, Inc. Since 1946, DropsA has been pioneering the way in new lubrication technologies and innovations across every industry. This knowledge has provided our customers with products that maximize machinery’s potential while increasing the lifespan of tools, bearings and many other industrial applications. We are dedicated to providing the proper solution for all of your lubrication needs.

To apply for a credit account, we require the following forms to be completed and returned:
-New Customer Form / Credit Application
-Sales Tax Exemption Form (If Applicable)

Please direct all credit application questions and completed documents to:
Mrs. Luba Mazuro
Administrative Assistant
PH: (586) 566-1540
Fax: (586) 566-1541

DropsA USA looks forward to working with your organization as your lubrication solutions provider and welcomes you to the Dropsa USA family!

-DropsA USA Staff


New Vendors

Dear New Vendor,

DropsA USA, Inc. would like to welcome you to our distribution team. Thank you for the opportunity to distribute your products to our extensive and diverse customer base. DropsA USA, Inc. is dedicated to providing effective and efficient lubrication solutions to fulfill all of our customer’s needs. DropsA, Inc. has over 70 years of experience in providing lubrication applications and components for all industrial applications. With our diverse customer base and exceptional sales force, we and our vendors have the advantage of continual growth. Our goal is to work alongside our vendors, collaborating attentively with your organization, in creating a perfect solution for our customers.

For new vendors we require the following forms to be completed and returned.
– New Vendor Launch Form
– W-9 Form

Documentation Directory:
Send Invoice to:
Send Order Acknowledgements to:
Send Sales Leads to:
Send Pricing and Product Announcements to:

DropsA USA looks forward to doing business with your organization, offering effective lubrication solutions to our customers, utilizing your products.

Please direct all questions and completed forms to:

Name of Requester: Luba Mazuro
Requester Title: Accounts Payable
Phone: 586-566-1540
Fax: 586-566-1541


Existing Customers Account Update

Attention Accounts Payable,

First and foremost, we would like to thank you for your trust in DropsA USA, Inc. As an organization, we are consistently striving to find better ways to serve our valued customers. As part of this process, we are updating our Customer Database. Please take a few moments to complete and return the follow documents.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and continued business.

Best Regards,
DropsA USA

Please return the requested documents to:
Mrs. Luba Mazuro
Administrative Assistant
PH: 586-566-1540
Fax: 586-566-1541