DropsA applications cover a wide range of industrial lubrication systems and solutions for a multitude of industries. Our industrial knowledge and attention to new technologies, materials, and processes, allow us to focus on the varying demand coming from specific industry segments and therefore to offer customized industrial lubrication solutions to our customers.

DropsA North America is an industry leader in the Steel & Aluminum sector. A variety of lubrication solutions (Grease, Oil, Air-Oil, and Custom) are available to meet all lubrication requirements.

DropsA has revolutionized the Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) / Near-Dry machining process with our two channel and single channel applications. Significantly improve your manufacturing process, tool life, and machine performance with a DropsA MQL and centralized lubrication solution.

In mining and construction, lubrication is crucial for heavy machinery maintenance. Lubricants reduce friction, heat, and wear on moving parts, extending machine lifespan and ensuring efficient operation. Proper lubrication minimizes downtime, lowers maintenance costs, and enhances safety by preventing equipment failures. In these demanding industries, effective lubrication is vital for maximizing productivity, equipment longevity, and project success.

Lubrication is vital in agriculture to minimize friction, heat, and wear on machinery during planting, harvesting, and other tasks. Proper lubrication ensures smooth operation, extends machinery lifespan, and enhances efficiency in agricultural processes. It also reduces maintenance, lowers downtime, and supports reliable equipment performance for successful and productive farming.

Lubrication is crucial in transportation to minimize friction, heat, and wear on vital vehicle components. Proper lubrication ensures smooth operation, extends equipment lifespan, and improves fuel efficiency in various modes of transportation. It also reduces maintenance, lowers downtime, and enhances safety and reliability, contributing to overall transportation system efficiency.

Lubrication is crucial in the energy industry, minimizing friction, heat, and wear in machinery. It enhances efficiency, extends equipment life, and ensures smooth operation in components like turbines, pumps, motors, and more. Regular lubrication schedules are vital for reducing maintenance costs and optimizing operational efficiency in energy facilities.

Lubrication is crucial in the cement industry for smooth machinery operation. From crushers to kilns, it reduces friction, heat, and wear, extending component lifespan. Proper lubrication enhances operational efficiency, cuts maintenance needs, and prevents unexpected downtime, sustaining machinery reliability in the challenging cement industry environment.

In the food and beverage industry, food-grade lubricants ensure safe and efficient machinery operation. These non-toxic, odorless lubricants meet strict hygiene standards, prevent contamination, and are applied to components like conveyors and mixers. They reduce friction, prevent wear, and extend equipment life, enhancing energy efficiency and lowering maintenance costs to maintain industry standards and productivity.

In the marine and offshore industry, lubrication is crucial for preventing corrosion, reducing friction, and dissipating heat in vital machinery. Specialized lubricants withstand harsh marine conditions, while proper practices extend equipment life, cut maintenance costs, and ensure safety and environmental compliance.

Within the paper and wood industry, lubrication plays a crucial role in upkeeping machinery, minimizing friction and heat during processing, ensuring seamless material flow, preventing corrosion, and adhering to safety and environmental standards. Its significance lies in optimizing both production efficiency and product quality.

Lubrication is vital across industries, ensuring efficient machinery function. In manufacturing, it reduces friction on bearings, gears, and conveyors, boosting productivity. Automotive engines and transmissions rely on it for smooth operation. In aerospace, lubrication is crucial for aircraft safety. Marine engines use it for seamless navigation, and the food industry employs specialized food-grade lubricants for hygiene. Tailored lubrication practices optimize performance, reduce wear, and enhance machinery lifespan in each sector.