Industrial Spray Nozzles

industrial spray nozzles
With a wide variety of industrial spray nozzles we have the lubrication products you need to keep your grease, air-oil, MQL and other industrial lubrication systems operating at peak efficiency. We carry fan nozzles, flat nozzles, coaxial nozzles and various spray valves. DropsA provides everything you need to ensure you get the right spray pattern for the lubrication job ahead. Below are a few of the spray nozzles we carry:

Band Saw Nozzles

band saw spray nozzles

Keep your band saws cutting efficiently with the optimal application of cutting oil. This crucial lubricant reduces the friction and temperature of your cutting application to improve blade life and precision cutting.

Carefully placed spurt outlets offer between three and five areas where your blade can receive lubricant. Choose either a single inlet or two inlet nozzle for your particular band saw working area.

Single Pipe Nozzle

Single pipe spray nozzleInstall a single pipe nozzle for a flat, conical spray. This air-oil nozzle works like other industrial spray nozzles to deliver a precise amount and precise spray of lubricant. The result is a measurable, repeatable application of lubricant exactly where your equipment needs it.

Coaxial Nozzle

coaxial spray nozzlesA coaxial nozzle with a flat cone spray head uses the same innovative technology all our industrial spray nozzles utilizes. Order one or more of these nozzles from DropsA to enjoy accurate air-oil mixture in a coaxial system. Review the part information and guide to find the precise distance and area of spray delivered by this nozzle.

Coaxial Nozzle With Threaded Head and Shape Spray

coaxial industrial spray nozzleA threaded coaxial nozzle allows easy installation and replacement for more diverse tasks. This dynamic nozzle offers dependable and repeatable sprays of air and oil to complement your industrial lubrication products. Work with our team to ensure the ideal nozzle selection for your lubricant, application and centralized system.

Blade Shape Spray Valve

blade shape spray valveThis valve is designed to spray a blade-shaped oil or air-oil mixture where you need it most. Just like other industrial spray nozzles, the amount of lubrication and the range of application vary depending on the pump and controller connected to your central lubrication system.

Cone Shape Spray Valve

cone shaped spray valveCreate a direct spray of lubricant to a specific slide surface, steel cable or chain. A cone valve targets an area in a conical pattern to make the most of your MQL or other lubrication system. Adjust the cone dimensions and lubricant amount to avoid grinding and other lubrication issues.

Spray Valve

spray valve lubricationCombine your grease or oil with an air spray to coat racks or open gears. This air spray valve is designed to activate when the lubricant is injected. Once activated, a powerful air spray sends an air-oil or air-grease mixture directly toward critical moving parts.

Spray Valve 1132330 Series

industrial spray valvesLubricate a wheel flange with this series of spray valves. Compared to other industrial spray nozzles, this series of pneumatic valves is far more specialized for the rail industry. Coat rolling stock friction points on wheels and flanges with a thin, consistent film of grease. When the train is cornering, this spray valve also lubricates the track.

Sizing a Spray Nozzle

If you don’t have a nozzle sizing chart, you’ll need to calculate the flow rate. You’ll need to determine the application rate (gallons per acre), the ground speed (miles per hour), and spray width. When you multiply all of these factors together and divide it by 5,940 (the conversion constant), the quotient is your flow rate.

Once you know the flow rate, you’ll easily be able to select the right spray nozzle size. If you need guidance on any of these steps, our team at DropsA is ready to help!

Innovative Lubrication Products

Industrial spray nozzles are the endpoint of a complex, centralized system. To make the most of your industry-leading nozzles, review our entire line of lubrication products at DropsA. Here are a few products you can install, upgrade or add to your lubrication system:

  • Lubricant pumps and reservoirs
  • Controllers and monitoring devices
  • Dividers
  • Dust collectors and filters
  • Fittings, lines and manifolds

Total Systems Solutions and Support

Work with our team at DropsA to find a total system upgrade for your process. A new nozzle may alter the flow of oil or grease an individual lubrication point, but one of our total systems can transform the way your machinery operates. Streamline your application with one of these centralized systems:

  • Revolution machine tools
  • Oil recirculation
  • Total loss systems
  • Near-dry machining
  • Grease lubrication
  • Air-oil lubrication