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lubrication solutionsThe applications our industrial lubrication company offers cover an extensive range of lubrication solutions for a variety of industries. Experience and attention to new technologies, materials, and processes has allowed us to focus on demands coming from specific industry segments which, in turn, enables us to offer efficient customized lubrication systems and solutions to customers with the use of our modular core technology concept.

Types of Lubrication Systems

Lubrication solutions vary in type of lubricant, number of lube points, pump elements and control devices. Explore the types of lubrication systems available to determine the optimal system for your industrial solution:

Grease lubrication systems: Both progressive and dual line systems are used to apply the proper amount of grease to one or more points in a system. Grease is a friction-reducing material often used in machinery, the steel industry and cement plants.

Air-oil lubrication systems: A precisely controlled stream of air and oil is used to lubricate and cool machine tools or heavy industry equipment. This system is designed to maximize lubricating properties while minimizing the amount of oil used.

Oil lubrication system: A thin film of oil is created in a total loss system. Choose to lubricate with oil in a 33V or single line system for small- and medium-sized equipment.

Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) system: An MQL lubrication system uses an aerosol format of oil to replace a traditional pure oil setup. This can be achieved through internal or external application of a compressed air and oil stream.

Recirculating oil system: Cool gear and bearings without unnecessary oil waste with a recirculating system. This system requires a filter and precise regulation of oil for use in large equipment.

Function of Lubrication Systems

Just as the components and type of lubricant can vary between systems, so can the main functions. Consider the following key functions for your application:

  • Cool equipment
  • Reduce friction
  • Prevent corrosion
  • Reduce unnecessary lubricant consumption
  • Reduce noise levels during operation

What Is a Lubrication System?

Lubricant is a common additive to industrial equipment and commercial vehicles. In the past, manual application was necessary to achieve the desired levels of lubricant. Modern lubrication solutions include automatic lubrication systems, or centralized systems.

These solutions combine a pump, tank, distributors, distribution lines and electrical control devices to create a unified, automatic system. From a single grease point to centralized control of facility-wide cutting tool lubrication, a DropsA system can be the solution your company needs.

How To Choose an Industrial Lubrication Solution

Industrial lubrication solutions are as varied as industrial facilities, so it can be difficult to choose the optimal system to streamline this maintenance process. Here are some factors to consider as you compare lubrication solutions:

  • The lube cycle
  • Number of lube points in your equipment
  • Consequences of bearing failure

An automated system provides hands-free application of lubricant to critical areas, which offers distinct advantages over a manual system. While a single-point system used to be the most common on the market, they have been replaced in many facilities and construction equipment with dual-line and progressive alternatives. A single-point lubricator can be activated with a spring, motor or gas. It uses a single applicator to provide timed release of lubricant to a cutting tool or high-friction point.

Dual-line solutions are popular in heavy process industries. They use two primary distribution lines to alter pressure between two systems. This allows you to apply two distinct lubricant options with the same pump or alter the application using check valves.

A progressive system is named after the progressive divider that can be used in conjunction with many other lube systems. This flexible design is less expensive to operate than a dual-line alternative, but can be more complicated to maintain.

Manual Lubrication vs. Automatic Lubrication

Many companies rely on manual lubrication to maintain equipment. Whether applying oil or grease to industrial equipment or heavy machinery, a manual process involves these risks:

  • Increased downtime
  • Additional labor costs
  • Increased workplace hazards for employees
  • Increased risk of over- or under-lubrication

Instead, automatic solutions offer low maintenance costs, improved safety and an energy-efficient design. After the initial investment, your automatic system allows you to reduce downtime, employee time spent lubricating and the amount of lubricant used in your facility. Fewer chances for injury or machine wear can improve the bottom line of your company.

Common Applications for Lubrication Systems

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A few common applications of our automatic lubrication solutions include:

Earth-Moving Machines: Heavy levels of dirt, dust, ice and other contaminants add to the extreme pressures faced by these industrial machines. An automatic solution presents an efficient way to keep your equipment moving and prevent costly repair of these heavy-duty machines.

Lathe Turning Process: Roughing and finishing are both easier with air-oil lube systems. A precise amount of oil can cool the cutting surface of your tooling. Ball screws can continue to move with reduced friction with a single line injector as part of a 33V system.

Oil and Gas Industry Compressor Cylinders: Compressors use cylinders and pistons to provide reliable pneumatic and hydraulic pressure in oil and gas equipment. Choose a DropsA solution that delivers precise amounts of oil in a high-pressure, explosive environment.

Paper and Wood: Equipment in both paper and wood mills undergo significant amounts of stress and wear. Don’t slow down your milling equipment for a manual operation, provide continuous lubricant at high-wear, high-friction points with an oil recirculation system.

Road Sweepers: A road sweeper needs to operate in any environment during any weather condition. Select a space-saving grease lube system to keep shaft bearings, hydraulic cylinders and other moving components working efficiently. An automatic system keeps your sweepers moving forward with reduced downtime.

Presses: Operate mechanical and hydraulic presses day in and day out with an automatic lubrication solution. Presses include a number of high-stress components that require routine oil and grease application. Not only is manual application hazardous, but it can increase the downtime of your industrial presses. Keep your employees safe and your presses running longer.

Industrial Automation: Industry 4.0 relies on state-of-the-art automation for high-speed, high-precision manufacturing. An automatic lube system is a natural extension of an automated assembly line or manufacturing process. Reduce the time, energy and risks of employees through a conveniently automated system. These affordable systems allow your automated process to continue on schedule.

Fixed Chamber Round Baler: Fixed chamber round balers can’t stop in the middle of the baling process for a tune up. Maintain an efficient agricultural process in spite of heavy levels of dust and debris with routine lubrication. Connect rollers, gears, bushings and bearings to an automatic lube system from DropsA to reduce the risk of field maintenance on a round baler.

Mining Industry: Mining equipment includes everything from bulldozers and front loaders to chaincutting machines and  diamond wire saws. All of these moving parts need to work efficiently to keep the operation moving forward. Work with DropsA to reduce excessive temperatures, contamination and downtime of your critical mining equipment.

Transport Sector: Transport cargo around your region or across the country with a cab-controlled lube system. Commercial truck maintenance issues can be costly, particularly if they occur away from one of your mechanics. Don’t let excessive wear at a pivot point or between gears cause a breakdown and a delayed shipment, but consider the PoliPUMP NRUN or POMPA BRAVO from DropsA for space-saving lubrication control. These are just two examples of vehicle-mounted grease and oil distribution devices available from DropsA.

Lubrication Consultants

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