DropsA S.p.A Acquires Business Unit Lubrication Systems from bielomatik Leuze GmbH + Co. KG i.I.


Two Innovative MQL Technologies, One Great Company

Sterling Heights, MI, May 4, 2020 – DropsA S.p.A, a premier source of centralized lubrication systems and near-dry machining
solutions, has successfully facilitated the acquisition of the business unit Lubrication Systems from bielomatik Leuze GmbH + Co. KG
i.I., a global supplier in Minimum Quantity Lubrication solutions and centralized lubrication systems, and founded Bielomatik
Schmiertechnik GmbH – as a company of the DropsA group.

The addition of Bielomatik Schmiertechnik’s MQL solutions will expand DropsA’s Minimum Quantity Lubrication product line,
allowing them to provide innovative near-dry machining solutions for the vast majority of machining applications and platforms. This
binding of two top tier organizations will bundle both companie’s experience in one channel and two channel MQL solutions,
providing outreaching MQL technology across the board. DropsA, factoring in Bielomatik Schmiertechnik’s product offerings, can
effectively and efficiently support applications requiring external, through-tool, through-spindle and/or small size through-tool
drilling operations across applicable manufacturing industries. DropsA North America will support the North American market for all products,
included the expanded MQL product line and centralized lubrication product line from Bielomatik Schmiertechnik. A concerted
effort is being made to ensure minimal disruption to the supply chain of the Bielomatik Schmiertechnik product creating a seamless

Jason Craft, Executive Vice President, stated “DropsA North America is excited about the opportunities afforded to our organization with the
acquisition of bielomatik’s lubrication business.” Jason went on to say “this will allow DropsA to become the leading provider of MQL
technology, with the ability to offer all of the industrially recognized MQL solutions being implemented today. Having access to
Bielomatik Schmiertechnik’s whole range of proven and new MQL technology (one-channel, two-channel, MLU), with our new
advanced one-channel MaXtreme, will allow us to solve all MQL applications presented to us.

About Bielomatik Schmiertechnik GmbH:

Bielomatik Schmiertechnik GmbH, headquartered in Frickenhausen, Germany, was founded 2020 by DropsA after the acquisition of
the lubrication business from bielomatik Leuze GmbH + Co. KG, founded in Neuffen, Germany in 1946 as a manufacturer for
machinery and equipment for paper-processing, plastic welding and lubrication systems. Bielomatik Schmiertechnik specializes in
Minimum Quantity Lubrication and centralized lubrication systems and offers precision lubrication solutions, and components, to
the global market. Especially in the field of two-channel MQL-technology Bielomatik Schmiertechnik is the most experienced
provider in all industries having numbers of systems successfully implemented in mass production since more than 15 years.

About DropsA:

DropsA, headquartered in Malian, Italy, has been developing, engineering, and manufacturing cutting-edge lubrication solutions
since 1946. With distribution locations globally, DropsA is able to provide efficient and effective lubrication systems, and
components, throughout its vast distribution network to virtually all industries. DropsA takes pride in developing new, innovative
technologies in the field of lubrication.
DropsA North America, located in Sterling Heights, MI, was founded in 1992 and supports the North American lubrication market. DropsA North America
has positioned itself as a knowledge leader in the field of Minimum Quantity Lubrication and centralized lubrication solutions.
DropsA North America offers solutions, service, and support across many industrial applications and industries.