Oil Lubrication System

The two most common types of oil lubrication systems are recirculating oil lubrication systems and air-oil lube systems. We will talk a little about what each of them are, their benefits, differences and some of their typical applications.

Circulating Oil Lubrication Systems

oil lubrication systemsWhat is a circulating oil lubrication system? A circulating oil lubrication system distributes oil to the moving parts of a machine to reduce friction between surfaces that rub against each other during the automation process. In a circulating system, the oil is continuously pumped throughout the system, first to the top of the engine and then through the feed line.

How Does a Recirculating Oil Lubrication System Work?

Oil recirculation is a process in which a continuous flow of oil is moved through the lubrication points. The system’s gauge controls both the temperature of the oil and how much of it is circulated. The fluid is stored in the supply tank after the drain piping collects it. The fluid is then recirculated throughout the system. The flowing oil prevents excess friction between meeting surfaces and eliminates heat from the lubrication area providing the dual benefit of supplying lubrication while removing excess heat from the bearings and/or other friction points.

With highly accurate monitoring and regulation of the lubricant, recirculating oil lube systems are used in various power applications because the system allows for increases in performance and speed.


  • Continuous oil immersion
  • Enhanced performance
  • Faster operating speed
  • Frequent lubricant change-over
  • Steady temperature


  • Bearing lubrication
  • Power industry applications
  • Pulp and paper industry applications
  • High-speed, high-performance applications

Air Oil Lubrication Systems

Air oil lube systems are compact and efficient, convenient for use in low-clearance areas. These systems work by using air current to pull a drop of oil through a narrow tube. It creates a fine mist of oil that is consistently applied to the bearing through a nozzle. It is a clean delivery method, using less oil and leaving the bearing virtually oil-free. At Dropsa USA, we offer customization and convenient maintenance on our automatic lubricators, as well as accessories and replacement components.

Benefits of Air-Oil Lube Systems

Unlike large oil lubrication devices, an air oil lubrication system is compact and can be easily transported. These systems are ideal for small working areas with little clearance. Air oil lube systems are suitable for several industrial applications, including micro-spray coating, vacuum pumps, gear, and spindle lubrication.

Air lubrication systems use less lubricant than the average lubrication system due to the consistent air stream that applies an exact amount of oil. This precision allows operators to use an impulse-drive lubrication cycle rather than a time-sensitive cycle. Further, these systems are easy to maintain and customize. If you want to upgrade the system or have a specific project requirement, it can be done affordably.


  • Chain cleaning and lubrication
  • Lubrication of gears and spindles
  • Micro-spray coating
  • Oil lubricated vacuum pumps
  • Steel industry applications

How To Choose a Lubrication System

When you decide to buy an air-oil lubrication system, there are a few factors you should consider, including:

Flow rate: Maintaining a steady flow rate is vital to the overall functionality of the lubrication system. Generally, the flow rate should equal the sum of the requirements if the device delivers oil to more than one bearing.

Pressure: A consistent pressure is essential to maintaining system performance. Generally, pressure in the oil lubrication system should measure 35 pounds per square inch or less. While some specialized pumps necessitate a higher pressure, they must be designed with particular features.

Pumps and motors: Carefully consider the voltages, frequencies, and phases of the pumps and motors in the circulating oil system you choose. An enclosed, fan-cooled motor is a good choice for a variety of industrial applications.

Available Systems

The VIP4Air oil system is one of our most popular products. This system is manufactured to improve the performance of equipment and decrease maintenance costs. The chain component is designed to supply optimum lubrication to the device’s chain. This system can be customized according to the exact link spacing you require for each lubrication spot. The VIP4Air utilizes a consistent air stream to eliminate materials from the system and ensure each component is well lubricated without becoming overly saturated.

The SMX  air-oil lubrication system utilizes a mixing valve to deliver a progressive stream of air and oil throughout the device. This system uses a progressive divider to separate the air and oil mechanisms in the system.

The SBO air oil circulating oil system is a modular system is equipped with metering valves and a base, comprising a dual-line configuration. The metering valves can be supplied with variable or fixed discharge.

Lubrication System Parts

In addition to the many systems and solutions we offer we also carry many lubrication system parts, components, and accessories to complement your systems. We also offer our expertise through consulting, engineering, installation, training, and support and maintenance services.

Oil Lubrication Solutions

Dropsa USA is an ISO 9001:2015 accredited provider of automatic lubrications systems. From our original shop in Italy in 1946, to our modern, cutting-edge facility in the U.S. today, we have grown through innovation and commitment to quality.