Automatic Lubricator Options

An automatic lubrication system is a centralized solution to routine lubrication maintenance. In the past, industrial equipment required manual lubricant application in key areas to prevent grinding keys, overheating cutting tools and other issues.

Automatic lubricators eliminate this maintenance step with a centralized, automated system. Simply adjust the controller to your equipment needs and focus on your manufacturing process. The centralized controller will deliver timed, measured amounts of oil, grease or other fluid to the exact lubrication spots through a series of tubes and feeders. Here are some common lubricator options to compare when shopping for your industrial needs:

  • Total loss
  • Oil recirculation
  • MQL
  • Air/oil
  • Grease

Explore each option and discuss them with our customer service team to learn more. A total loss system is an affordable option that prevents contamination in your equipment, but an MQL setup may be the most cost-effective for your CNC machine.

Common Applications

Our automatic lubricators are used in a range of industries. Any equipment that requires frequent application of oil can benefit from one of our innovative systems. Common industries include construction, automation, machine tools, wind energy, food and beverage and mining.

Many of our systems are designed to offer continuous lubrication of moving gears. Other options distribute a precise amount of cutting oil to an exact point of contact, which is useful for CNC machining and other cutting, drilling or manufacturing processes.

You don’t need to operate a sprawling manufacturing facility to take advantage of our systems. A centralized lubricator can be used in agricultural machinery, off-road machines or small food and beverage equipment. Small businesses, hobby farms or personal equipment can all benefit from one of our efficient lubricators.

Benefits of Automatic Lubrication Systems

Whether you choose automatic grease systems or oil distribution systems, there are many benefits you can enjoy. A centralized system eliminates many of the inefficiencies of manual lubrication. Unlike a manual grease gun or oil applicator, automatic lubricators offer timed, measured amounts of lubrication to a specific point.

This feature reduces the risk of damage to your equipment. By avoiding improper lubrication techniques, you can increase the lifespan of your equipment and prevent sudden breakdowns from stalling your line. Gears, cutting tools and other friction points can all last for far longer if they are continuously and properly lubricated.

A centralized system protects your workers. Some lubrication points are dangerously close to moving parts. In the past, a worker had to move carefully to this position and apply the correct amount of lubrication. A DropsA USA automatic system prevents that dangerous maintenance step.

Consider an oil recirculation or MQL option to dramatically reduce your oil usage. These lubricators use far less oil than typical manual application. Over time, you can expect to save a significant amount as your oil usage drops. Save on oil without risking damage to your equipment thanks to precision application.

Lubrication Systems

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